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    • Part3, Section 3.2.7: Organizational Structure 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Institutional Effectiveness. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-03-14)
      The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies. (Organizational structure)
    • Personal Weapons Policy (rev.7-13-10) 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Public Safety Department. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-06-30)
      This policy is intended to provide guidance to all faculty, staff, students and visitors to the College so as to ensure compliance with Chapter 11 of Title 16 of the O.C.G.A., addressing carrying a weapon on college campuses.
    • Posting of Materials 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Student Affairs Department. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-03-01)
    • Posting of Off-Campus Jobs 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Career Services Office. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-09-08)
      All announcements for off-campus jobs must be approved by Career Services before they may be posted.
    • Powerful submission: Popular texts and the subjectivity of Christian right women 

      Flournoy, Ellen L. (College of Coastal GeorgiaUniversity of South Florida, 2006)
      Abstract available here:
    • Proceedings of the Second Annual Coastal Ecology Symposium 

      College of Coastal Georgia (2016-12-05)
    • Proceedings of the Third Annual Coastal Ecology Symposium 

      College of Coastal Georgia (2017-12-05)
    • Pulse of Camden [2010] 

      Fleisher, Craig S.; Mathews, Don; Oueslati, Jessin (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-09)
      The 2010 Pulse of Camden is the first business conditions study conducted in and for Camden County, including the Cities of Kingsland, St. Marys, Woodbine and several unincorporated communities within the county's scope. ...
    • Reaffirmation Organizational Chart 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Institutional Effectiveness. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-03-14)
      Each Compliance Certification Leader assembled a team of 3-5 content experts from across campus to assist with information gathering and data analysis
    • Regional fat localizations and racial/ethnic variations in odds of hypertension in at-risk American adults. 

      Okosun, I.S.; Boltri, J.M.; Hepburn, V.A.; Eriksen, M.P.; Davis-Smith, M. (College of Coastal GeorgiaNature Publishing Group, 2006-05)
      Abstract available in EBSCO Advanced Placement Source database.
    • Report of the Planning Committee for Cultural, Arts and Lifelong Learning Programs 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Department of Arts and Humanities. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-12)
      Resulting from a partnership between the College and Glynn County Board of Education, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed and ESPLOST funding was endorsed through a successful ballot initiative in November 2009. ...
    • Return of Title IV Funds 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Financial Aid Office. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-02-01)
      The purpose of this policy is to ensure the College complies fully with all federal regulations regarding the return of Title IV funds.
    • Seaswells 2010, Volume 44 

      Walker, Jennifer; Guy, Megan; Kratz, Monica; Donovan, Lonie; Peters, Rosco; Mora, Dimelina; Montrond, Ashley; Holcomb, Chelsea; Hall, Ciara; Bartkovich, Sharon L.; College of Coastal Georgia. Division of Student Affairs. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010)
      STAFF: Jennifer Walker (Editor-in-Chief), Megan Guy and Monica Kratz (Assistants to the Editor), Lonie Donovan (Contest Coordinator), Rosco Peters and Dimelina Mora (Design/Layout Coordinators), Ashley Montrond (First Copy ...
    • Seaswells 2011, Volume 45 

      Stubbs, Shandy; Price, Karen; Peters, Rosco; Kratz, Monica; Meunier, Joshua; Walker, Deborah; Walker, Jennifer; Dominy, Janet; Bartkovich, Sharon L.; College of Coastal Georgia. Division of Student Affairs. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011)
      STAFF: Shandy Stubbs (Editor-in-Chief), Karen Price (First Copy Program Coordinator), Rosco Peters (Design/Layout Coordinator), Monica Kratz, Joshua Meunier, Deborah Walker, Jennifer Walker (Fall Semester Staff), Janet ...
    • Seaswells 2012, Volume 46 

      Stubbs, Shandy; Price, Karen; Rivers, Shawntay; Anderson, Jennifer; Carmine, Jami; Lemings, Jake; Williams, Layne; Axelson, Emily; Thigpen, Patrick; West, Brandon; Gines, Justin; Bartkovich, Sharon L.; College of Coastal Georgia. Advancement Office. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2012)
      STAFF: Shandy Stubbs (Editor-in-chief); Karen Price (Assistant Editor); Shawntay Rivers (Design/Layout Coordinator); Jake Lemings and Layne Williams (Spring Semester Staff); Emily Axelson, Patrick Thigpen, and Brandon West ...
    • Seawells 2013, Volume 47 

      Frazier, Jessica; Coen, Tyler; College of Coastal Georgia; College of Coastal Georgia, Division of Student Affairs; Ridings, Brianna (College of Coastal Georgia, 2013)
      STAFF: Jessica Frazier (Editor-in-Chief), Tyler Coen (First Copy Program Coordinator, Brianna Ridings (Cover Photographer), Sharon L. Bartkovich (Faculty Adviser) -- CONTENTS: Poetry, Photography, Prose, Art
    • Sexual Misconduct 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Human Resources Department. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-08-15)
      The purpose of this policy is align institutional response and conduct procedures with federal and state law related to interpersonal violence which may occur on campus or between students. This policy supports the provisions ...
    • Someone Else's Face in the Mirror: Identity and the New Science of Face Transplants 

      Bluhm, Carla; Clendenin, Nathan (PraegerCollege of Coastal Georgia, 2009)
    • The Staff Handbook 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Human Resources. (College of Coastal Georgia, [2011])
      The staff handbook is to be understood with reference to other important publications, eg. Statutes, Student Handbook, Affirmative Action Plan, etc. -- STATEMENT OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITY -- POLICY AGAINST HARASSMENT -- ABOUT ...