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    • Dedication of The Correll Center for Teacher Education and Learning 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2013-01-25)
    • Deja Vu: Spring Quarter Magazine Vol.1 No. 3, 1973 

      Brunswick College. Division of Student Affairs. (College of Coastal Georgia, 1973)
    • Divergent Trends in State-level SNAP Participation: Evidence with Aggregate-level Data 

      Rhodes, M. Taylor (2016-04-02)
      This report uses state-level data to analyze trends and determinants of SNAP participation rates from 1989 to 2012. Comparing differences in state-to-national average SNAP participation rates over the business cycle, 20 ...
    • Does Immigration Harm Native-Born Workers? A Citizen’s Guide 

      Mathews, Don (2016-04-17)
      The Reg Murphy Center usually confines its research to economic conditions and events on the Southeast Georgia Coast. But in recent months, local residents have persistently peppered us with questions about immigration. ...
    • Dr. Uri Theisman 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2013-01-09)
    • dreams in action [brochure] 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Advancement Office. (College of Coastal Georgia, [2011])
      Academic programs of study -- Service learning and student organizations -- Georgia location -- athletics -- come for a visit -- facilities.
    • EDUCATION DESIGN Showcase, 2006 - Honorable Mention: Camden Center, Coastal Georgia Community College. 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal GeorgiaPeter Li Education Group Publishing, 2006)
      The article reports on the awarding of the Honorable Mention distinction during the 2006 Education Design Showcase to the Camden Center of the Coastal Georgia Community College in Brunswick, Georgia. The judges of the ...
    • Elusive Recovery: South Georgia Coast Counties since the Great Recession 

      Mathews, Don (2016-04-15)
      This April 2016 study complements the February 2016 study and compares real personal income per capita in the six South Georgia Coast counties – Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Glynn, McIntosh, and Wayne – to that of the ...
    • Elusive Recovery: The Brunswick MSA since the Great Recession 

      Mathews, Don (2016-02-23)
      While most MSAs in the U.S. have recovered from the Great Recession, some – including the MSA of Brunswick, Georgia – have continued to struggle. This paper empirically examines Brunswick’s struggle, comparing its economic ...
    • Employment of Minors Policy 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Human Resources Department. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-06-01)
      The employment of all persons under the age of eighteen (18) years shall be in compliance with the regulations of the United States Department of Labor and with applicable State laws.This policy ensures that the College ...
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Human Resources Department. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-07-01)
      The College is an affirmative action / equal opportunity / equal access institution. As such, the College is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, ...
    • Expanding your horizons: motivating young women in science + mathematics 

      College of Coastal Georgia. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-04-30)
      The Expanding Your Horizons Conference is an opportunity for young women grades 5 through 8 and their parents to learn about careers that involve mathematics and science. Come to the College of Coastal Georgia and meet ...
    • Face Transplantation: Someone Else's Face in the Mirror [blog] 

      Bluhm, Carla (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-07-09)
      In November of 2005, Isabelle Dinoir became the first recipient of an experimental procedure -- a face transplantation. Since that time, 11 other face transplantations have been performed and questions of identity, public ...
    • Faculty Handbook, The [rev. 2010-11-01] 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Academic Affairs. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-11-01)
      Guidelines intended 1. To orient new faculty members to the policies and procedures of the College which are particularly related to the life and work of the faculty. 2. To communicate the administration's expectations ...
    • Faculty Meeting Agenda 

      College of Coastal Georgia (2009-04-21)
      Distribution, examination, and vote of faculty meeting minutes from 17 March 2009 -- Old Business -- New Business -- Personal News or Announcements for body of the faculty
    • Faculty Meeting Minutes 

      Leggett, Kimberly R. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-09-08)
      Approval of Minutes -- Campus Update/Announcements -- Writing Center Update -- Student Accommodations -- VPAA Updates and Announcements
    • Faculty Meeting Minutes 

      Lesseig, Lisa (College of Coastal Georgia, 2009-03-17)
      Call to Order -- Approval of the February 10, 2009 minutes -- Old Business -- New Business -- Announcements
    • Faculty Meeting Minutes 

      Leggett, Kimberly R. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2009-08-27)
      Welcome and Announcements -- Leadership Video Presentation -- H1N1 Virus Update -- Other Business
    • Faculty Meeting Minutes 

      Leggett, Kimberly R. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-02-09)
      Approval of Minutes -- SACS Substantive Level Change Visit -- Announcements -- Foundations of Excellence -- Technology Issues -- Institutional Review Board -- General Education
    • Faculty Meeting Minutes 

      Leggett, Kimberly R. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2012-09-14)
      Approval of Minutes -- Enrollment and Budget Changes -- Discussion on Retention