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    • Hard Times: Winter Quarter Magazine Vol. 1 No. 2, 1972 

      Johnson, Alan (Editor-in-chief); Paulk, Pat (Associate Editor); Avrett, Bruce (Photography Editor); Brunswick College. Division of Student Affairs. (College of Coastal Georgia, 1972)
      It is our hope that this magazine, the 2nd in a series of 4, is as well received as was the first, COMMUNICATIONS. It is said you learn from your mistakes. So, it would seem the more mistakes you make, the more knowledge ...
    • History of the College 

      Teel, John W. (1986)
    • Hizballah in Africa 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (Institut für Strategie- Politik- Sicherheits- und Wirtschaftsberatung (ISPSW), Berlin, Germany, 2012-08)
      There is a gap in the existing literature on Hizballah which has rarely been examined: Hizballah and Iran’s recent roles in Africa. The African continent, particularly countries below the Sahara, is characterized by a large ...
    • The Hizballah-North Korean Nexus 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (Small Wars Foundation, 2011-01-23)
      A significant relationship between Hizballah and North Korea, facilitated by Iran, has developed over the last two decades. This relationship has changed the configuration of Hizballah and shaped it into a more formidable ...
    • Hizbollah organization 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (Taylor and Francis Online, 2008-01-09)
      There is a dearth of information in the open literature with a direct focus on the Hizbollah organization. Symptomatic of the shortcomings of the existing literature is the tendency to analyze Islamist movements in general ...
    • Hizbollah-Syrian Intelligence Affairs: A Marriage of Convenience 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (2011)
      Since the 1980s, Hizbollah has emerged as the guardian of Lebanon's Shi'a and a stalking horse for Iran. Syria, though allied with Tehran, seeks to manage Hizbollah's freedom of action in Lebanon and is eyed cautiously in ...
    • Honors Day April 26, 2013 

      webcga (College of Coastal Georgia, 2013-04-26)
      Video recording of Honors Day, April 26,2013.
    • HOPE Scholarship Program Reconciliation 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Financial Aid Office. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-02-01)
      The College of Coastal Georgia will adhere fully to all invoicing, reconciliation and records retention mandates outlined in the HOPE Scholarship Program Regulations.The purpose of this policy is to ensure full compliance ...
    • Important legal documents of the CCGA Foundation 

      Brunswick College Foundation; Coastal Georgia Community College Foundation (College of Coastal Georgia, 1996-12-03)
      Reason for existence: to promote the cause of higher education specifically at Coastal Georgia Community College, a unit of the University System of Georgia, to expand educational opportunities, to finance capital ...
    • In Georgia, a college builds bridges to success. 

      Towns, Gail Hagans (College of Coastal GeorgiaAutumn Publishing Enterprises, 1997)
      Uncovers the reason for the lack of black students in Coastal Georgia Community College in Brunswick, Georgia. Reaction of the college's president, Dorothy Lord on the issue; Statistics on the dropout rate of students in ...
    • In-State Tuition Validation (rev.5-2-11) 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Student Affairs Office. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-06-28)
      All new applicants and returning students seeking admission to the College of Coastal Georgia for any academic semester beginning on or after July 1, 2010, and requesting in-state classification for tuition purposes, will ...
    • Institutional Effectiveness Newsletter [Volume 1 Issue 1. Fall Semester 2010] 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Institutional Effectiveness. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010)
      Directors Note--Quality Enhancement Plan--USG Data Initiative Update--Initial Focus of USG CDO and Institutional Representative--Phases in the Reaffirmation Process--Nursing Accreditation
    • Institutional Effectiveness Newsletter [Volume 1 Issue 2 Spring Semester 2011] 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Institutional Effectiveness. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011)
      SACSCOC Reaffirmation: Road to Success--SACSCOC Online--What Should You Know and Do for SACSCOC
    • Institutional Effectiveness Newsletter [volume 2 issue 1. Fall semester 2010] 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Institutional Effectiveness. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010)
      New CCGA mission as a state college (4-year institution) --Quality enhancement plan --USG Data Initiative Update --New Core Curriculum --Chief Data Office position --Reaffirmation of accreditation --Nursing accreditation
    • Institutional Effectiveness Newsletter [Volume 2 Issue 1. Fall Semester 2011] 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Institutional Effectiveness. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011)
      Community College Survey of Student Engagement--Technology Services Survey--Three Levels of Outcomes Assessment--Improving Student Success--Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA)--IE Spring Semester Activities
    • Institutional Effectiveness Newsletter [Volume 2 Issue 2. Spring Semester 2012] 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Office of Institutional Effectiveness. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2012)
      Complete College Georgia Overview--USG Data Warehouse Redesign--Spring 2012 Enrollment Snapshot--NSSE Update--Technology Advisory Committee Progress--PULLOUTS:Web Sightings; Did You Know; Data Warehouse: Major Tasks; Fact; ...
    • The Kent Mound : a study of the Irene phase on the lower Georgia coast 

      Cook, Fred C. (1978)
      This thesis represents a culmination of two seasons of excavation at the Kent Mound site on St. Simons Island, Georgia.
    • Learning Support Appeals 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Academic Affairs. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-11-15)
      Any student enrolled in Learning Support courses at the College of Coastal Georgia will be required to pass these courses within a pre-determined amount of time. Any student failing to do so will be suspended for a period ...
    • Legislative history tour of a unique Georgia Capitol Office 

      Kent, Phil (2017-02-14)
      InsiderAdvantage/James Magazine CEO Phil Kent interviews just-retired 16-year Georgia lawmaker Joe Wilkinson and gets a unique office tour featuring a rich tapestry of Georgia legislative/political history and memorabilia.
    • Mariners Connection [2011-05-11, e-mail] 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Advancement Office. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-05-11)
      2011 graduation: record number of graduates, the first baccalaureate degrees. College Golfers receive all-region honors. Dr. Kimberly Pause Tucker elected to state DNR Coastal Advisory Council. Foundation Annual Fund ...