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    Bylaws of College of Coastal Georgia [CCGA] Foundation, Inc.
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2009-04-29) College of Coastal Georgia Foundation
    Governed by a board of trustees, the CCGA Foundation, "to assist in developing and augmenting the facilities and carrying out the educational functions of the College of Coastal Georgia established and operated by the Regents of the University System of Georgia, to the end that there may be provided in the College community broader educational opportunities for and service to the students and alumni of such College and the citizens of this State and Nation."
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    Important legal documents of the CCGA Foundation
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 1996-12-03) Brunswick College Foundation; Coastal Georgia Community College Foundation
    Reason for existence: to promote the cause of higher education specifically at Coastal Georgia Community College, a unit of the University System of Georgia, to expand educational opportunities, to finance capital improvements, to acquire real estate, and to acquire and administer funds which after payment of necessary expenses, shall be devoted to such objects and purposes. The Foundation is run by a Board of Trustees according to a structure set forth in the by-laws.
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    Meeting minutes and related documentation for the CCGA Foundation [1976-06 - 1998-09]
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 1998-09-21) Coastal Georgia Community College Foundation; Brunswick College Foundation
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    Strategic Plan 2010-2012
    (College of Coastal Georgia, [2010]) College of Coastal Georgia. College of Coastal Georgia Foundation.
    The College of Coastal Georgia Foundation has worked to support the College for the past forty years, yet its role and reach have been limited largely to advisement and fundraising for scholarships. As the College of Coastal Georgia seeks to transition from a small, two-year, commuter institution to a respected, comprehensive, destination undergraduate institution, the scope and impact of the Foundation's work must grow exponentially. In 2009, the Foundation both reorganized itself and achieved a significant milestone, surpassing $1 million in giving to support students, faculty and programming in the Coastal Georgia region. To sustain the College in implementing its Strategic Master Plan: 2020 Vision, the Foundation has developed an aggressive multi-pronged plan to increase giving, expand the donor base and support strategic growth projects. During 2010-2012, the resources cultivated and stewarded by the Foundation will provide the leverage and impetus to realize Dreams in Action.
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