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    Volunteer Program Policy
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-06-21) College of Coastal Georgia
    This policy is designed to reduce volunteer risk and protect the interests of the College, its volunteers, and the community it serves. It addresses various issues regarding the engagement of volunteers for services to the College, defines the voluntary relationship, its privileges and responsibilities, and clarifies the College’s liability for using the services of volunteers.
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    Tuition Differential Waivers
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-08-26) College of Coastal Georgia. Student Affairs Office.
    The purpose of this policy is to ensure the College remains fully compliant with all University System of Georgia mandates regarding tuition differential waivers for international and out-of-state students, as generally outlined in BOR Policy Manual Section 7 (Finance and Business).
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    Tobacco‐free Campus Policy
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2009-04-14) College of Coastal Georgia
    The College of Coastal Georgia prohibits the use of tobacco products on any property owned, leased or controlled by the College of Coastal Georgia effective July 1, 2009. Because of the deleterious effects of tobacco use, the College of Coastal Georgia has committed to a tobacco‐free campus for the purpose of promoting a healthy environment for all persons, including faculty, staff, students, and visitors.
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    Sexual Misconduct
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-08-15) College of Coastal Georgia. Human Resources Department.
    The purpose of this policy is align institutional response and conduct procedures with federal and state law related to interpersonal violence which may occur on campus or between students. This policy supports the provisions provided in Title IX which refer to sexual violence and the investigation of reported incidents.
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    Return of Title IV Funds
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-02-01) College of Coastal Georgia. Financial Aid Office.
    The purpose of this policy is to ensure the College complies fully with all federal regulations regarding the return of Title IV funds.