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Mariners’ Log is published six times a year by College of Coastal Georgia students under the direction of Student Affairs personnel, is funded with student activity fees, and is distributed without additional charge to students and other college personnel. The staff reserves the right to edit any article submitted.

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    Mariners' Log Volume 28, No. 4
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-02) College of Coastal Georgia. Division of Student Affairs.
    HEADLINES: CCGA’S QEP: Serve.Learn.Succeed. -- Seaswells 2010 Earns First Place with Special Merit in National Competition – Construction Updates – Academic Quality: Our Primary Purpose and Our Top Priority – Only YOU can improve CCGA’s student life and facilities! – 2012: THE END OF THE WORLD? – IS CHINA A THREAT TO THE U.S. ECONOMY? – Armageddon for the birds? – Integrated Math: The Problem or the Solution? – College of Coastal Georgia President’s List of Scholars Fall Semester 2010 – College of Coastal Georgia Dean’s List Fall Semester 2010 – Advising and Career Services’ New Program to Help Students Find “Major Right” – Programming Board March/April Events – Have No Fear, The Learning Center is Here! – Club and Organization News – YOUR FAST TRACK TO FITNESS – Putting an End to Bad-Hair Days – Ask Dr. Leo – What a Shock! – To Wed or Not To Wed? Question Is Finally Answered – Relativity: E=mc…Shakespeare? – CCGA Holds Inaugural Collegiate Invitational Golf Tournaments on Feb. 14-15 on St. Simons – UNF TRAGEDY NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED – Get ready for leisure reading
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    Mariners' Log Volume 28, No. 2
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-10) College of Coastal Georgia. Division of Student Affairs.
    HEADLINES: You Ought to Be in Seaswells 2011 – HEAD DAWG IS SECRETLY A MARINERS FAN? – THE FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER: THE POWER OF ONE – President’s Perspective: Completing College Is the Key to Your Future Success – Sometimes, you get more than you pay for! – ru-mi-nate (verb): think deeply – THE HUMANITY OF TRADE – Distracted Driving: Just Don’t Do It! – Coastal Georgia’s New Pilot Program for Students: The Jekyll Island Pass – Ask Dr. Leo – WELCOME, NEW FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATORS – Phi Theta Kappa Inducts 48 New Members – Know Your Library – Club and Organization News – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder More Common Than Most People Realize – “FACE” FACTS: MAN-NING UP TO SKIN CARE – WOMEN’S HEALTH AWARENESS – VAMPIRES: WHAT’S REAL? WHAT’S NOT? – Sports in Brief – Coastal Georgia Athletics: A New “First” Every Day – College of Coastal Georgia 2009 Campus Security Annual Report
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    Mariners' Log Volume 27, No. 6
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-06) College of Coastal Georgia. Division of Student Affairs.
    HEADLINES: College’s Highest Achievers Recognized at Honors Program – ERROLL B. DAVIS, JR., ADDRESSES 2010 GRADUATING CLASS OF COLLEGE OF COASTAL GEORGIA – Stunning 2010 Edition of Seaswells Unveiled at First Copy Program: Woodstock theme is hit with audience – Have You Ever Thought About Being an Organ Donor? – My Year as Editor – WHY HAVE HEALTH CARE COSTS INCREASED SO MUCH? PART 2 – JACKSONVILLE NIGHT LIFE: FOR A CHANGE OF SCENERY – Summer Fun on a College Student’s Budget – CUMBERLAND ISLAND MEMORIES WILL LAST A LIFETIME – Does your “healthy” tan pose an unacceptable risk? - - WARNING: SUMMER SIZZLES! – Balancing a Golf Ball on the Head of a Pin: The Seemingly Impossible Job of Everyone’s Atlas – When Soccer and Football Seem Too Tame, Try RUGBY – ONIONS: The Other Miracle Food – College of Coastal Georgia: President’s List of Scholars Spring Semester 2010 – College of Coastal Georgia Dean’s List Spring Semester 2010 – What Happened to SGA and InterOrganizational Council? The New Shape and Look of Student Governance and Involvement at CCGA – CCGA GOLF COACH MIKE COOK COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ABOUT FIRST RECRUITING CLASS – Opportunities and Experience Await Those Willing to Challenge Themselves – WE GOTTA RECYCLE: NO KIDDING!! – Taking Care of and Being Careful Around Creatures of the Sea – What a Year It Was! Campus Programming Review from 2009-10 – College of Coastal Georgia Class of 2010: Congratulations, Graduates!
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    Mariners' Log Volume 28, No. 1
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-08) College of Coastal Georgia. Division of Student Affairs.
    HEADLINES: Welcome to the 2010-2011 Academic Year, From Dr. Valerie Hepburn, President – FALL 2010 CAMPUS EVENTS – CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS DOMINATE CAMPUS LANDSCAPE – Construction Updates – Hey, Where Did That Office Go? A guide to finding practically everything at College of Coastal Georgia – ADVICE FOR GETTING INTO CLASSES YOU WANT AND NEED – Board of Regents Revises USG Core Curriculum: Here’s what you should know before you schedule your next appointment with your academic advisor – What They Don’t Teach You in CCGA1101! – WHAT THE OFFICES OF ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRAR CAN DO FOR YOU – BOOKSTORE BASICS – Policy Concerning Children on Campus Aimed at Eliminating Risks of Unsupervised Children – Achieve Success with TRIO Student Support Services! -- What’s Happening at the Camden Center? – Welcome to Fall 2010 from the Learning Center – The Libraries and Learning Centers at CCGA – REGENTS’ TESTING PROGRAM: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – College Level Examination Program: Getting Credit for What You Already Know – FINANCIAL AID SUMMARY – Do You Know What You’re Paying For? – HOPE Could Mean Going to CCGA for Next to Nothing – ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR FINANCIAL AID – How to Keep Your HOPE Alive: Key points you need to know about remaining eligible for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship – Where Do My Student Activity Fees Go? – THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TRANSFERRING CREDITS – The New Shape and Look of Student Governance and Involvement at CCGA – STUDENT AFFAIRS: HOW ITS SERVICES CAN ENHANCE YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE – Athletics Expanding at Coastal Georgia – CCGA Is Accessible to Students with Disabilities – Join a Student Organization! Get involved in campus activities, learn leadership, meet new people, and add to your resume – Campus Capsules and Happenings
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    Mariners' Log Volume 27, No. 5
    (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-04) College of Coastal Georgia. Division of Student Affairs.
    HEADLINES: Andrea Wallace Named 2009-2010 Joyce Jackson Advisor of the Year – MICHAEL HANNAFORD NAMED 2010 PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR AT PHI THETA KAPPA FACULTY/STAFF APPRECIATION LUNCHEON: Sibille Chalkley Selected as Adjunct Professor of the Year – Construction Forging Ahead on Numerous Fronts on Campus – Is Mental Health a Factor in Criminal Behaviors? – Campus is no place for concealed weapons – WHY HAVE HEALTH CARE COSTS INCREASED SO MUCH? Part 1 – “Dear Servicemember”: Letters and Comfort from Home – Phi Theta Kappa Committed to Changing Lives and Changing Communities Through Project Graduation – GREEN TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD DOES BUSINESS – GEOLOGY CLASS TAKES FIELD TRIP TO PROVIDENCE CANYON – DID YOU KNOW…? Here’s What You May Not Be Learning in CCGA 1101 – SEASWELLS STAFF PUT FINISHING TOUCHES ON 2010 MAGAZINE AND ON PLANS FOR APRIL 27 FIRST COPY PROGRAM – EXPERIENCE THE FREEDOM OF BAREFOOT RUNNING – Avoiding the Dread “Freshman 15” – Many Common Ailments, Complaints, Can Be Traced to Food Allergies – Don’t Change Your Body, Change Your Clothes! – Home Grown Vegetables Can’t Be Beat – Romantic but Cheap Dates: Is That Possible? – Don’t Miss “Trivia Tuesday” at Toucan’s Ale House – OUTLOOK FOR FUTURE OF SPORTS AT COASTAL GEORGIA IS BRIGHT – Mariners End Basketball Season with Heartbreaking Loss in Region Tournament – Strong Pitching and Timely Offense Keeps Lady Mariners in Hunt for Region Fast-Pitch Title – College of Coastal Georgia Launches Varsity Tennis Programs
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