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    Syrian statelets and intelligence games: Al-Sham's new Mukhabarat
    (2017-10-03) Wege, Carl Anthony; College of Coastal Georgia
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    The Taliban’s Online Emirate
    (2017-09-07) Wege, Carl Anthony
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    Urban and rural militia organizations in Syria's less governed spaces
    (The Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, 2015-09-21) Wege, Carl Anthony; College of Coastal Georgia
    This paper contends decline of Bashar al-Assad’s governing authority and the concomitant accretion of increasingly complex militia organizations suggests a future of petty militia fiefdoms affecting an Islamic veneer ruling the Syrian space. Geography, including its human domain, sustains the qualitative patterns of militia development and interactions across Syria’s rural and urban spaces and defines the geographic areas of dominance of these militia fiefdoms. The concurrence of severe drought, the Arab Spring, and the availability of social media ignited the Syrian rebellion in 2011. The rebellion itself ultimately became a militarized arena for conflict between outside powers as foreign fighter enhanced Salafi Jihadist Organizations displaced aspirational moderates to dominate the armed opposition to the Assad regime. The civil war ultimately became demarcated by hundreds of militias separated generally into a three sided contest between Iranian, al-Qaeda affiliated and Islamic State affiliated militias establishing petty fiefdoms while attempting to govern the Syrian space.
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    Hizbollah organization
    (Taylor and Francis Online, 2008-01-09) Wege, Carl Anthony; College of Coastal Georgia
    There is a dearth of information in the open literature with a direct focus on the Hizbollah organization. Symptomatic of the shortcomings of the existing literature is the tendency to analyze Islamist movements in general with only peripheral reference to specific organizational entities such as Hizbollah. This paper will examine the development of the Hizbollah organization in the context of the Lebanese civil war, address its emergence in Amal, follow the Party of God's long march toward an Islamist republic, and observe the splitting of the party into an emasculated Hizbollah and a marginalized Islamic Resistance.
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    Assad's legions: The Syrian intelligence services
    (Taylor & Francis, 1990) Wege, Carl Anthony; College of Coastal Georgia