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    • Tobacco‐free Campus Policy 

      College of Coastal Georgia (College of Coastal Georgia, 2009-04-14)
      The College of Coastal Georgia prohibits the use of tobacco products on any property owned, leased or controlled by the College of Coastal Georgia effective July 1, 2009. Because of the deleterious effects of tobacco use, ...
    • Tuition Differential Waivers 

      College of Coastal Georgia. Student Affairs Office. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-08-26)
      The purpose of this policy is to ensure the College remains fully compliant with all University System of Georgia mandates regarding tuition differential waivers for international and out-of-state students, as generally ...
    • Video Surveillance Policy 

      College of Coastal Georgia. College of Coastal Georgia Police Department. (College of Coastal Georgia, 2010-04-13)
      The College is using closed-circuit television (CCTV) to monitor public areas in order to deter crime and assist the College of Coastal Georgia Police Department (CCGPD) in providing for the security and safety of individuals ...
    • Volunteer Program Policy 

      College of Coastal Georgia (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-06-21)
      This policy is designed to reduce volunteer risk and protect the interests of the College, its volunteers, and the community it serves. It addresses various issues regarding the engagement of volunteers for services to the ...
    • Welcome to the Up and Down Year, 1973 

      Brunswick College. Division of Student Affairs. (College of Coastal Georgia, 1973)
      Brunswick Junior College 1973 yearbook