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dc.description.abstractHEADLINES: On the Horizon for the College: UPDATES FROM PRESIDENT VALERIE HEPBURN – WITH INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT HEPBURN, THE FUTURE BEGINS! – The Juvenile Justice System: Can It Be Fixed? – Take Pride in the Blue and Gray: and we don’t mean that in a Civil War way – THE GITMO CHALLENGE – Elinor Ostrom Becomes First Woman to Win Nobel Prize in Economics – Welcome, New Faculty and Staff – “Oh, What a Wonderful Time!” Phi Theta Kappans Attend Leadership Conference – Club and Organization News – 2008 CAMPUS SECURITY ANNUAL REPORT – Can We Get Some Service Here? – STRESS CAN BE YOUR FRIEND – Used Cars, Insurance, and eBay: The Curious Case o Asymmetric Information, Part 1 – Will You Dance With Us This Year?? – Mission San Luis in Tallahassee: A great experience even if you’re not getting extra credit – TWILIGHT SAGA’S APPEAL IS UNDERSTANDABLE – THE MYSTERIES OF MERCURY – Mariners Playing .500 Ball and Searching for Consistency – PHI THETA KAPPA HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL ATTRACTS OVER 250en_US
dc.publisherCollege of Coastal Georgiaen_US
dc.subjectHepburn, Valerie
dc.subjectJuvenile justice, Administration of--United States.
dc.subjectGuantánamo Bay Detention Camp.
dc.subjectOstrom, Elinor
dc.subjectCollege of Coastal Georgia Phi Theta Kappa
dc.subjectCollege of Coastal Georgia Police Department
dc.subjectCollege of Coastal Georgia Clubs and Activities
dc.subjectCollege of Coastal Georgia Camden Center
dc.subjectSan Luis de Apalache Site (Fla.)
dc.subjectTwilight saga series
dc.subjectMercury (Planet)
dc.subjectCollege of Coastal Georgia Athletics
dc.titleMariners' Log Volume 27, No. 3en_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameCollege of Coastal Georgia. Division of Student Affairs.en_US

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