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dc.descriptionGoverning Board statement of compliance report.
dc.description.abstractThe institution has a governing board of at least five members that is the legal body with specific authority over the institution. The board is an active policy-making body for the institution and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the financial resources of the institution are adequate to provide a sound educational program. The board is not controlled by a minority of board members or by organizations or interests separate from it. Both the presiding officer of the board and a majority of other voting members of the board are free of any contractual, employment, or personal or familial financial interest in the institution. (Governing Board)
dc.publisherCollege of Coastal Georgiaen_US
dc.subjectCollege of Coastal Georgiaen_US
dc.subjectCore Requirementsen_US
dc.subjectGoverning Boarden_US
dc.subjectInstitutional Assessment of Complianceen_US
dc.titlePart 3, Section 2: Core Requirements,Section 2.2: Governing Boarden_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameCollege of Coastal Georgia. Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

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