Brunswick Junior College : annual report, 1984-85

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick Junior College
Teel, John W.
I. NARRATIVE. INTRODUCTION -- ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT (Divison of General Studies, Division of Special Programs, Division of Vocational/Technical Education, Library) -- CONTINUING EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES -- STUDENT SERVICES -- ACCREDITATION STATUS -- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE -- FISCAL AFFAIRS -- PHYSICAL FACILITIES AND CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT -- INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT -- AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/EQUAL OPPORTUNITY -- II. Assessment of Strengths, Needs, and Five Year Plans -- III. INSTITUTIONAL STATISTICS -- [FINANCIAL REPORT] -- The year 1984-85, which marks the twenty-first year of the college's operation, was a very successful year with outstanding accomplishments reported in nearly every field of institutional endeavor. It was a period in which the college experienced budgetary restraints and enrollment decline, but one in which the institution nevertheless made significant advances. -- The academic programs have been enhanced by additional purchases of microcomputers for instructional purposes. Only two years ago the college had no microcomputers. However, after a matching grant was secured from the Sapelo Island Research Foundation, the first microcomputer laboratory was established in the Fall of 1983. During 1984-85, an additional 27 microcomputers were purchased. -- increase of minority enrollment from 18.2% during the spring quarter 1983-84 to 20.9% during the spring quarter 1984-85. On the negative side, the [overall] enrollment decline was a disappointment for the academic area of endeavor. -- Library: For the third straight year the library/media budget was frozen. Library continued to have various art exhibits that were well attended. Major problems continue to be a critical shortage of space and shelving and a great reduction in purchasing power because of inflation. SOLINET membership will be very beneficial when it becomes operational, and we are extremely pleased to have been able to join. -- new student constitution was written and approved. Seaswells, the faculty-student anthology, for the third year won national acclaim. Men's basketball team won its second consecutive State Junior College Championship, while the women's tennis team placed second in the State and participated in the national finals. -- Although the enrollment decline resulted in a budget reduction in internal revenue, significant progress was made in restoring operating and equipment budgets this year.
College of Coastal Georgia