Annual report of institutional progress, 2002-2003 : Coastal Georgia Community College

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Coastal Georgia Community College
Lord, Dorothy L.
A: SUMMARY OF MAJOR INSTITUTIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN THE PRECEDING YEAR -- B: ANNUAL PROGRESS IN INSTITUTIONAL STRATEGIC PLANNING -- C: ANNUAL PROGRESS IN ASSESSING INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS -- SECTION D: RETENTION RATES AND GRADUATION/TRANSFER RATES -- E. OVERALL INSTITUTIONAL HEALTH -- Knowledge Is Power Event and Chancellor's Campus Visit -- The President made approximately 40 speeches in the region during the past year. -- Through the efforts of a new faculty member, major improvements have been made in the instructional program in Art. -- New fully on-line courses. More than half of the faculty are now using products such as WEB CT and WEB Assign to enhance instruction in and out of the classroom. -- Major improvements in International Studies. The highlight of the year for the college was the presence of a Fulbright Scholar in Residence from Argentina who taught history classes -- The Associate degree nursing program underwent reaccreditation review -- conversion of the campus network backbone to Gigabit technology. An application systems analyst was added to the computer services staff - This position made a very strong impact in resolving many long standing technology issues. During 2002-2003 the college website received a major revision and upgrade. -- During 2002-2003 the library conducted a complete inventory of the library collection. Preliminary indications are that many of the volumes are old and may be of limited usefulness at the current time. -- The Brunswick Center consortium of CGCC, Armstrong Atlantic State University and Georgia Southern University, produced 66 graduates at the baccalaureate level and 51 graduates at the masters level. -- Construction continued on the 93,000 square foot Camden Center facility in Kingsland. preparation of an architectural program for a new $20,000,000 technology/student services complex known as the Gateway Project. 87,248 gross square feet. -- The [University System of Georgia] Board of Regents adopted a new Strategic Plan in 2002. One of the initiatives and goals of the plan addressed ways to increase student retention. A target retention rate of 58.58% to be reached by 2007. RETENTION PLAN. -- African American faculty remained almost nonexistent in the employment pool, despite extraordinary efforts in trying to attract them. -- The instructional space available for technical programs continues to be extremely inadequate. -- The greatest concerns at the moment center around staffing for the Camden Center and staff morale in general.
College of Coastal Georgia