Brunswick Junior College : annual report, 1977-78

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick Junior College
Teel, John W.
SUMMARY STATEMENT -- ACADEMIC AFFAIRS -- LIBRARY -- STUDENT AFFAIRS -- COMMUNITY SERVICE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION -- ACCREDITATION STATUS -- BRUNSWICK COLLEGE FOUNDATION -- COMPUTER CAPABILITY -- CRITICAL NEEDS -- APPENDIX, Institutional Statistics -- [FINANCIAL REPORT] -- The fiscal year 1977-78 may be considered as the most stable period in the history of the college. This year appeared to be the beginning of a period of stable enrollment and perhaps a slight decline for the next several years. Evidence to indicate that the college may attract an increasing number of older students who are returning to college to upgrade their occupational and professional skills or to pursue new career opportunities. -- sharp increase in the number of adult students and citizens from surrounding areas who participated in non-credit courses and programs offered through the Division of Continuing Education and Public Service. -- During the year, the science classroom facility was occupied for the first full year. Continued need for space for fine and performing arts. There is abundant evidence in our society in general, in our community, and on the college campus in particular, that music, art, drama, sculpturing, ceramics, casting, and study and practice of other forms of the fine and performing arts will assume increasing importance in the college curriculum. -- [Much of the wording in the Summary Statement was not changed from the previous year, 1976-77. An oversight?] -- New programs in Oceanic Education and Labor Studies -- Circulation of library materials increased by 58% over the previous year. The total circulation of 20,054 items was the largest number since fiscal year 1972, and the non-reserve circulation of 14,930 was the highest in the history of the institution. -- Imperative that we construct, as soon as possible, a vocational-technical facility. This facility is needed to provide instructional space for the allied health programs and space for the continued expansion of technical career programs needed by employers in the community. -- Significant salary increases during FY 78 and FY 79. However, the continued increase of economic inflation has, and is, taking its toll on the salaries earned by all college personnel. Therefore, increased salary for academic and classified personnel is still the most pressing need at this time. -- Even though the academic performance level expected of students is reasonable, the number of students suspended for academic reasons has increased during the past several years.
College of Coastal Georgia