Brunswick College : annual report, 1988-89

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick College
Teel, John W.
I. NARRATIVE. INTRODUCTION -- HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR'S WORK - ACADEMIC AFFAIRS (Divison of General Studies, Division of Special Programs, Division of Vocational/Technical Education, Library) -- CONTINUING EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES -- STUDENT SERVICES -- STUDENT MINORITY AFFAIRS -- FISCAL AFFAIRS AND PLANT OPERATIONS -- AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/EQUAL OPPORTUNITY -- INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS -- STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PURPOSE -- ACCREDITATION STATUS -- II. INSTITUTIONAL STATISTICS -- [FINANCIAL REPORT] -- The year 1988-89, marking the twenty-fifth year of the college's operation, was a successful one with substantial accomplishments in many fields of endeavor. A major thrust of the institution was a concentrated effort toward readiness for initiating the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Institutional Self-Study for reaffirmation of accreditation. -- With the increase in enrollment and the resulting increase in internal revenue along with other internal funds which became available, the college was able to purchase some critically needed equipment throughout: the campus. -- The Brunswick College Foundation, through its annual fund drive, again exceeded its goal of $200,000 -- Review to establish the extent to which the curriculum supports the college statement of purpose which indicates that programs encourage "the development of critical thinking, communication skills, the effective use of mathematics, the understanding of self and the social and physical worlds, and the skills and concepts for the enhancement of physical well-being." -- During 1988-89, the major emphasis in the library was on the automation of library procedures. -- pertinent information regarding drugs, alcohol, and AIDS, the staff conducted a two-week long program on these critical subjects. -- Effort to reverse Black student enrollment declines -- Statement of Philosophy and Purpose has been revised recently. It was approved by the institution on June 13, 1989
College of Coastal Georgia