Annual report of institutional progress, 1998-1999 : Coastal Georgia Community College

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Coastal Georgia Community College
Lord, Dorothy L.
A. Summary of Major Institutional Accomplishments -- B. Annual Progress in Institutional Strategic Planning -- C. Annual Progress in Assessing Institutional Effectiveness -- D. Retention -- E. Overall Institutional Health -- ..................... CONNECTIONS WITH K-12 SCHOOLS. Work of Coastal Georgia Community College P-16 Council. The Academic Bowl continued to be a very successful linkage activity with area high schools.The Postsecondary Readiness Enrichment Program (PREP) at CGCC had a most successful year. (Homework ceners). Development of visiona and goals for a quality workforce -- INTERAGENCY COLLABORATION: During this year the DTAE sponsored New Connections to Work and the Georgia Fatherhood programs continued as a local application of the statewide collaboration of the Departments of Labor, Human Resources, and the DTAE. -- CONNECTING STUDENTS AND TECHNOLOGY: Students are registered in remote locations resulting in registration without lines. Student e-mail has consistently grown in popularity and use. new Interconnected Library System. -- INTERINSTITUTIONAL COLLABORATION. The Brunswick Center consortium (CGCC, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Georgia Southern University) completed its thirteenth year of operation. The Liberty Center consortium opened in 1998 -- MODEL NATIONAL CALIBER PROGRAMS. Coastal Georgia Minority Outreach Program. Academic Advising Center. -- MANDALA MOVEMENT. facilitate the development of an environment of understanding, acceptance, and respect that actively supports and celebrates both unity and diversity. Society's broadening view of civil rights -- Physical facilities master planning was begun -- This year was one of the two toughest years experienced during this president's tenure. Semester conversion brought severe financial results for the institution. -- ENHANCING WORKFORCE PREPARATION FOR EMPLOYMENT. Radiologic Science Program had 100 percent placement of graduates. IBM AS/400 computing partnership with two major local employers continued. Quick Start owned state certification programs in Customer Service and Manufacturing were offered with good success. Manufacturing Maintenance Technology program closely aligned with the needs of the paper and pulp industry. USE OF LIBRARY TECHNOLOGY: usage of GALILEO. Phase I status for implementation of the Georgia Interconnected Libraries (GIL) project. Many computers both at the Camden Center and at the main campus were replaced with Y2K compliant computers. -- FACULTY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICE -- With strategic planning being an on-going process, a majority of the previous 64 goals were achieved during 1996-97 and 1997-98 with most of the goals continuing from year to year. -- Coastal Georgia Community College has accepted eight general education outcomes. The transfer program assessment results continue to be outstanding. Pass rates on national licensure and certifying exams for registered nursing, practical nursing, medical lab technology and radiologic science students continue to be excellent. -- CHANGES MADE IN RESPONSE TO THE 1997 STUDENT SATISFACTION SURVEY
College of Coastal Georgia