Mariners' Log Volume 27, No. 6

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HEADLINES: College’s Highest Achievers Recognized at Honors Program – ERROLL B. DAVIS, JR., ADDRESSES 2010 GRADUATING CLASS OF COLLEGE OF COASTAL GEORGIA – Stunning 2010 Edition of Seaswells Unveiled at First Copy Program: Woodstock theme is hit with audience – Have You Ever Thought About Being an Organ Donor? – My Year as Editor – WHY HAVE HEALTH CARE COSTS INCREASED SO MUCH? PART 2 – JACKSONVILLE NIGHT LIFE: FOR A CHANGE OF SCENERY – Summer Fun on a College Student’s Budget – CUMBERLAND ISLAND MEMORIES WILL LAST A LIFETIME – Does your “healthy” tan pose an unacceptable risk? - - WARNING: SUMMER SIZZLES! – Balancing a Golf Ball on the Head of a Pin: The Seemingly Impossible Job of Everyone’s Atlas – When Soccer and Football Seem Too Tame, Try RUGBY – ONIONS: The Other Miracle Food – College of Coastal Georgia: President’s List of Scholars Spring Semester 2010 – College of Coastal Georgia Dean’s List Spring Semester 2010 – What Happened to SGA and InterOrganizational Council? The New Shape and Look of Student Governance and Involvement at CCGA – CCGA GOLF COACH MIKE COOK COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ABOUT FIRST RECRUITING CLASS – Opportunities and Experience Await Those Willing to Challenge Themselves – WE GOTTA RECYCLE: NO KIDDING!! – Taking Care of and Being Careful Around Creatures of the Sea – What a Year It Was! Campus Programming Review from 2009-10 – College of Coastal Georgia Class of 2010: Congratulations, Graduates!
College of Coastal Georgia