Annual Report, 1983

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , College of Coastal Georgia Foundation , Brunswick College , Brunswick College Foundation
CONTENTS: SPECIFIC GROWTH NEEDS OF COLLEGE AND THEIR COSTS AND BENEFITS, ANNUAL MEETING AGENDA, SUMMARY OF CONTRIBUTIONS MADE BY THE BRUNSWICK COLLEGE FOUNDATION TO BRUNSWICK JUNIOR COLLEGE 1982-83, FACT SHEET (HISTORY, STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF, BUDGET AND FINANCING 1982-83, ECONOMIC IMPACT ON AREA 1982-83, PHYSICAL PLANT, LIBRARY, ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS, CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS), ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES, SCHOLARSHIP REPORT AND COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES, FINANCIAL REPORT AND COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES, PROPOSED ANNUAL COMMUNITY FUND DRIVE FOR BRUNSWICK COLLEGE, OFFICE OF INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, AND ALUMNI AFFAIRS REPORT --1982 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES: Brunswick College’s completion of its Institutional Self-Study for Reaffirmation of Accreditation, establishment of an annual fund drive, proposal for a steering committee, faculty activity, budget proposal, Fine Arts/Civic Center project, recommendations for appointment – OFFICE OF INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, AND ALUMNI AFFAIRS REPORT: The three basic functions of the Office are institutional research, development, and directing alumni affairs. Immediate concerns of the college are retention of students and recruitment of students. Brunswick College reinstituted intercollegiate athletics in 1982.
College of Coastal Georgia