Mariners' Log Volume 27, No. 3

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Hepburn, Valerie , Juvenile justice, Administration of--United States. , Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp. , Ostrom, Elinor , College of Coastal Georgia Phi Theta Kappa , College of Coastal Georgia Police Department , College of Coastal Georgia Clubs and Activities , Stress , College of Coastal Georgia Camden Center , San Luis de Apalache Site (Fla.) , Twilight saga series , Mercury (Planet) , College of Coastal Georgia Athletics
HEADLINES: On the Horizon for the College: UPDATES FROM PRESIDENT VALERIE HEPBURN – WITH INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT HEPBURN, THE FUTURE BEGINS! – The Juvenile Justice System: Can It Be Fixed? – Take Pride in the Blue and Gray: and we don’t mean that in a Civil War way – THE GITMO CHALLENGE – Elinor Ostrom Becomes First Woman to Win Nobel Prize in Economics – Welcome, New Faculty and Staff – “Oh, What a Wonderful Time!” Phi Theta Kappans Attend Leadership Conference – Club and Organization News – 2008 CAMPUS SECURITY ANNUAL REPORT – Can We Get Some Service Here? – STRESS CAN BE YOUR FRIEND – Used Cars, Insurance, and eBay: The Curious Case o Asymmetric Information, Part 1 – Will You Dance With Us This Year?? – Mission San Luis in Tallahassee: A great experience even if you’re not getting extra credit – TWILIGHT SAGA’S APPEAL IS UNDERSTANDABLE – THE MYSTERIES OF MERCURY – Mariners Playing .500 Ball and Searching for Consistency – PHI THETA KAPPA HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL ATTRACTS OVER 250
College of Coastal Georgia