Brunswick Junior College : annual report, 1970-71

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick Junior College
Teel, John W.
FACULTY...STUDENTS...LIBRARY...COMPUTER...GIFTS AND GRANTS RECEIVED IN SUPPORT OF BRUNSWICK JUNIOR COLLEGE...GENERAL INFORMATION...NEW CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY OR COMPLETED DURING THE YEAR...FINANCIAL REPORT... Although the faculty spent a good bit of time in the early part of the year preparing for the visit from the Southern Association's Visiting Committee, the year has been unusually productive of curricular planning that would seem to make the curriculum more effective for a junior college, with its diverse student population and its task of providing meaningful general education.... Other changes in the instructional program tend to be more in the area of attitude and philosophy than in the area of formal modifications. In general, the change has been in the direction of a greater emphasis on helping students learn and be successful in college, rather than on screening out the unworthy.... ENROLLMENT BY YEARS IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS. 1968-69 2849. 1969-70 4998. 1970-71 12586.... TWO efforts were made during the year to increase the professional awareness of the faculty and to keep them better informed about what is happening in higher education.... The nursing program continued to grow and to develop in both student enrollment and quality instruction.... The main academic difficulties have to do with problems involved in implementing new and non-traditional teaching methods. During the past year a number of faculty members have become very much interested in some of the newer approaches to teaching that have been found to be successful, or at least promising, in junior colleges throughout the country.
College of Coastal Georgia