Annual report of institutional progress, 2005-2006 : Coastal Georgia Community College

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Coastal Georgia Community College
Lord, Dorothy L.
A: SUMMARY OF MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN 2005-2006 -- B: ANNUAL PROGRESS IN INSTITUTIONAL STRATEGIC PLANNING -- C: ANNUAL PROGRESS IN ASSESSING INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS -- D: IMPROVING STUDENT RETENTION AND GRADUATION -- E. MANAGEMENT OF CAMPUS CONFLICT AND CHANGE -- F. OVERALL INSTITUTIONAL HEALTH -- The productivity of the Brunswick Center (University Center) has greatly reduced the extent of the teacher shortage in the several counties from which these students come. The Brunswick Center provides both the baccalaureate and the master's degree in Nursing addressing a second Georgia critical shortage field of study. -- CGCC is one of the main participants in the Partnership for Reform in Science and Math (PRISM) -- Charter Technical High School dual enrollment program continues to develop. Mclntosh Workforce Center developing for dual enrollment. -- online course offerings develop -- eighteen new full-time faculty were hired. -- Collaboration with the local Three Rivers Public Library System. GIL (Georgia Interconnected Libraries) has expanded to include DTAE institutions. -- A full report of strategies for retention was developed by a broad-based campus committee. for first time, full-time students indicates that very positive progress has been made in retention. A particular point of pride is the improvement accomplished for African American male students with a gain of approximately 20% in retention of that segment! -- Migration from a manual system for HOPE applications to the automated GAcollege 411 system -- CGCC refined and submitted the Academic/Technology Building as a $19,928,000 Major Capital Project in March 2006. -- The 2002-2007 Strategic Plan of the Board of Regents identified eleven goal statements supporting the unified theme of "a more educated Georgia." Coastal Georgia Community College continued to support the Board of Regents Strategic Plan with the institution's thirteen linked strategic planning priorities. twelve new goals. -- During the 2005-2006 fiscal year, Coastal Georgia Community College made several improvements in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program. -- frequent complaints about perceived overwork -- The financial health of Coastal Georgia Community College is excellent. -- The financial position of the Coastal Georgia Community College Foundation continues to improve. Total assets have grown from $3,147,000 to $7,994,000 in just the past two and onehalf years. -- e-mail is prevalent form of communication, but not accepted by all.
College of Coastal Georgia