Brunswick Junior College : annual report, 1972-73

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick Junior College
Teel, John W.
SUMMARY STATEMENT -- FACULTY -- STUDENTS -- LIBRARY -- COMPUTER -- GIFTS AND GRANTS RECEIVED IN SUPPORT OF THE COLLEGE -- GENERAL INFORMATION -- NEW CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY OR COMPLETED DURING THE YEAR -- FINANCIAL REPORT -- The 1972-73 fiscal year was a period of curricular expansion and program development for Brunswick Junior College. This period was characterized by considerably more than the usual activity in curricular development and other areas of institutional endeavors...The new vocational-technical programs which were initiated in January, 1972, have grown from one course (Data Processing) enrolling 30 students to a total of six programs enrolling 168 students. (Data Processing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Drafting and Design Technology, Marketing and Management, Clerical Science, and Welding). -- Plans for curriculum expansion next year, 1973-74 -- There were two significant events related to library services 1. the long-awaited move into the new library facility. 2. the acquisition of a very valuable collection of historical documents pertaining to the history of Fort Frederica and the coastal area of Georgia. -- Task force to study impact of continuing education programs on surrounding community -- serious crowding of instructional facilities.
College of Coastal Georgia