Annual report of institutional progress, 2006-2007 : Coastal Georgia Community College

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Coastal Georgia Community College
Lord, Dorothy L.
1: ANNUAL PROGRESS IN ASSESSING INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS -- 2: OVERALL INSTITUTIONAL HEALTH -- 3: Summary of Major Institutional Accomplishments in 2006-2007 -- Faculty in all transfer and career program areas are in the process of evaluating and rewriting learning outcomes for all courses and programs to make the outcomes more student focused and performance based. -- College is undergoing a brand development process -- college library administered the LibQual+ (TM) survey to students, faculty, and staff as a new assessment tool. -- Learning Center Coordinator has developed outcomes measures to help assess the tutor training process. -- frequent complaints about perceived overwork and increasing numbers of comments about not being able to do any more. Employee turnover. -- During 2006-2007, thirteen new faculty and support staff were hired for new or replacement positions in Academic Affairs. It has been difficult to maintain a consistent direction. -- The financial health of Coastal Georgia Community College remains excellent. operating budget increased to $15,317,508. financial position of the Coastal Georgia Community College Foundation continues to improve. assets $8,619,936 lead to record highs for unrestricted funds and endowed scholarships. -- Significant improvements in processes in the Records and Registration area. -- CGCC was the only USG two-year college to receive this national recognition of the outstanding service learning activities in which students were engaged. -- Second full year of implementation of a Student Welcome Center that served 10,541 persons (students and prospective students) -- African American Male Initiative is the Coastal Georgia Minority Outreach Program which originated in 1993 - drop-out intervention program for seventh grade boys many of whom are performing about two grade levels below where they should be for their age. -- The Office of Institutional Advancement during the past year has undergone significant change. -- The Division of Continuing Education had a new Director in 2006-2007. -- In 2006 - 2007, 24 goals were developed to support the nine planning priorities of the college strategic plan. -- An Academic Advising Committee was approved -- The local efforts to develop a Charter Technical School under existing Georgia public school law continued for the second academic year. -- Coastal Georgia Community College science faculty again coordinated Regional Science and Engineering Fair.
College of Coastal Georgia