Brunswick Junior College : annual report, 1982-83

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick Junior College
Teel, John W.
I. NARRATIVE. INTRODUCTION -- ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT (Divison of General Studies, Division of Special Programs, Division of Vocational/Technical Education, Library) -- CONTINUING EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES -- STUDENT SERVICES -- ACCREDITATION STATUS -- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE -- FISCAL AFFAIRS -- PHYSICAL FACILITIES AND CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT -- INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT -- AFFIRMATIVE ACTION -- II. Assessment of Strengths, Needs, and Five Year Plans -- III. INSTITUTIONAL STATISTICS -- [FINANCIAL REPORT] -- The year 1982-83 was one of the most successful in the history of the college. It was a year highlighted by an increase in student enrollment, a broadening of faculty-student involvement in campus activities, and a further strengthening of community support. It was also a year marked by noteworthy accomplishments in the academic area, significant achievements in the area of institutional development, and improved performance among both faculty and administration. -- The institution has experienced significant changes and growth in several areas of operation. One change was the establishment of the Office of Institutional Research and Development, which has successfully enabled the college to increase its base of community support and involvement. Another is the implementation of the new academic organization, which is proving to be both efficient and effective. Other significant modifications include the reorganization of the Brunswick College Foundation, the initiation of some modest institutional research, and the reinstitution of intercollegiate athletics.
College of Coastal Georgia