Brunswick College : annual report, 1993-1994

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick College
Lord, Dorothy L.
I. The State of the Institution -- Hightlights of the Year's Work -- Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity -- Institutional Strategic Planning -- Assessment of institutional Effectiveness. -- II. Student Data -- Library Data -- Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity -- Financial Data -- Brunswick Center -- Continuing Education -- Institutional Strategeic Planning -- [FINANCIAL STATEMENT] -- The overall health of Brunswick College is excellent. The continued enrollment growth throughout academic year 1993-94 has been outstanding and the resulting local revenue has assisted the college in meeting many accumulated equipment needs. In addition, the availability of lottery funds for equipment purchases to support the vocational programs provided a major enhancement of those programs which are funded by the Department of Technical and Adult Education. The campus reaped a major advantage from these funds in being able to purchase 114 new computers which were used to completely update computer resources for students. -- president continued an extensive series of speaking engagements -- strengthening the delivery of Student Development Services -- "Minorities in the College Classroom" was also utilized as an inservice activity with a focus on open discussion -- The stress level during this year for nursing faculty was particularly intense. Widening salary gap between academic salaries and the private marketplace. -- The Academic Profile showed student performance as above the average for each of the seven skills knowledge areas as compared to the seventeen similar two year colleges in the program. -- Enrollment at Brunswick College reached a total of 2029 during the fall quarter and during the entire year demonstrated an annualized enrollment increase of 8.9%. -- renovations relating to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) -- excellent year financially in 1994. Financial highlight of the year was the receipt of $630,644 in special lottery appropriations.
College of Coastal Georgia