Brunswick Junior College : annual report, 1976-77

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick Junior College
Teel, John W.
SUMMARY STATEMENT -- ACADEMIC AFFAIRS -- LIBRARY -- STUDENT AFFAIRS -- COMMUNITY SERVICE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION -- ACCREDITATION STATUS -- BRUNSWICK COLLEGE FOUNDATION -- CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT -- COMPUTER CAPABILITY -- CRITICAL NEEDS -- APPENDIX, Institutional Statistics, including Institutional Summary of Continuing Education Activities; Summary of Grants, Contracts, and Gifts for Programs of Instruction, Research, or Public Service; and Summary of Needs -- [FINANCIAL] -- The fiscal year 1976-77 may be considered as a period of steady growth and development ... serving the basic two-year educational needs of citizens of the Brunswick area and the Golden Isles...addition of new course offerings, especially in the vocational and technical fields, have attracted to the campus students who might otherwise not have pursued post-secondary courses and programs. -- New programs: Industrial Electricity and Respiratory Therapy, now 14 programs offered through the Division of Vocational-Technical Education. The Division of Business Administration developed a new career program in Accounting. -- Library now 40,000 volumes. The library staff made considerable progress toward developing a television studio -- 100 acres acquired. Because this land is not needed for college use in the immediate future, arrangements have been made for planting most of the land in experimental tracts of pines and other species of trees. -- One of the most serious and debilitating conditions facing our institution is the continued erosion of faculty and classified personnel salaries and fringe benefits caused by inadequate salary increases and economic inflation. Beginning to take its toll in faculty and staff. -- Concerted effort has been made this year to decrease the amount of energy consumed.
College of Coastal Georgia