Mariners' Log Volume 28, No. 1

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HEADLINES: Welcome to the 2010-2011 Academic Year, From Dr. Valerie Hepburn, President – FALL 2010 CAMPUS EVENTS – CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS DOMINATE CAMPUS LANDSCAPE – Construction Updates – Hey, Where Did That Office Go? A guide to finding practically everything at College of Coastal Georgia – ADVICE FOR GETTING INTO CLASSES YOU WANT AND NEED – Board of Regents Revises USG Core Curriculum: Here’s what you should know before you schedule your next appointment with your academic advisor – What They Don’t Teach You in CCGA1101! – WHAT THE OFFICES OF ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRAR CAN DO FOR YOU – BOOKSTORE BASICS – Policy Concerning Children on Campus Aimed at Eliminating Risks of Unsupervised Children – Achieve Success with TRIO Student Support Services! -- What’s Happening at the Camden Center? – Welcome to Fall 2010 from the Learning Center – The Libraries and Learning Centers at CCGA – REGENTS’ TESTING PROGRAM: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – College Level Examination Program: Getting Credit for What You Already Know – FINANCIAL AID SUMMARY – Do You Know What You’re Paying For? – HOPE Could Mean Going to CCGA for Next to Nothing – ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR FINANCIAL AID – How to Keep Your HOPE Alive: Key points you need to know about remaining eligible for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship – Where Do My Student Activity Fees Go? – THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TRANSFERRING CREDITS – The New Shape and Look of Student Governance and Involvement at CCGA – STUDENT AFFAIRS: HOW ITS SERVICES CAN ENHANCE YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE – Athletics Expanding at Coastal Georgia – CCGA Is Accessible to Students with Disabilities – Join a Student Organization! Get involved in campus activities, learn leadership, meet new people, and add to your resume – Campus Capsules and Happenings
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