Annual Report, 1969-1971

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , College of Coastal Georgia Foundation , Brunswick College , Brunswick College Foundation
CONTENTS: FOUNDATION MEETING MINUTES, CALLED MEETING AGENDA, ANNUAL MEETING AGENDAS, PETITION FOR INCORPORATION, FINANCE COMMITTEE MINUTES, PROPOSAL FOR SCHOLARSHIPS, FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, REPORT ON FINANCIAL AID (1969-1970), FINANCIAL AID SUMMARY -- 1968 MEETING MINUTES: Adoption of the By-Laws, election of officers, election of the trustees. -- 1968 CALLED MEETING MINUTES: Discussion over the specific aims and purposes for the Brunswick College Foundation including the establishment of a scholarship/loan fund – 1969 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES: Campus building program report, anticipated enrollment, progress report of the scholarship/loan drive, amendment to the By-Laws, re-election of trustees and officers, appointment of a committee to explore Fine Arts/Civic Center feasibility – 1970 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES: Progress report on campus construction (student center, library, warehouse/shop building), fund campaign plans, future plans for library-administration building, future expansion, re-election of trustees, re-election of officers – 1971 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES: progress report on campus activities, placement of the Cates Collection in the new Clara Wood Gould Memorial Library, status of construction on campus, upcoming visit from the Southern Association of College and Schools, fund campaign status, comments on scholarship/loan report, re-election of officers, re-election of trustees
College of Coastal Georgia