Brunswick Junior College : annual report, 1983-84

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick Junior College
Teel, John W.
I. NARRATIVE. INTRODUCTION -- ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT (Divison of General Studies, Division of Special Programs, Division of Vocational/Technical Education, Library) -- CONTINUING EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES -- STUDENT SERVICES -- ACCREDITATION STATUS -- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE -- FISCAL AFFAIRS -- PHYSICAL FACILITIES AND CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT -- INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT -- AFFIRMATIVE ACTION -- II. Assessment of Strengths, Needs, and Five Year Plans -- III. INSTITUTIONAL STATISTICS -- [FINANCIAL REPORT] -- The year 1983-84, which marks the twentieth year of the college's operation, was a very successful year with outstanding accomplishments reported in nearly every field of institutional endeavor. It was a year in which the college was plagued with budgetary restraints but one in which the institution nevertheless made significant advances in off-campus programs, faculty recruitment, curriculum development, minority student affairs, and scholarship endowment. However, the many and varied accomplishments were, to some extent, overshadowed by a decline in student enrollment in credit courses. -- effort has been exerted toward extending off-campus programs, especially at the two military bases in the attendance exemplary program of minority recruitment has been implemented. -- Developed a faculty which would not only reflect strong academic credentials, but would also be deeply committed to the goals and objectives of a comprehensive junior college serving a diverse student population. -- The 1983-84 year was not an easy one for the library. Major problems continue to be a critical shortage of space and shelving for periodicals, a great reduction in purchasing power because of inflation and budget cuts, a need for replacement of library and audio-visual equipment.
College of Coastal Georgia