Annual Report, 1984

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , College of Coastal Georgia Foundation , Brunswick College , Brunswick College Foundation
CONTENTS: ANNUAL MEETING AGENDA, FACT SHEET (HISTORY, STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF, BUDGET AND FINANCING 1983-84, PHYSICAL PLANT, LIBRARY, ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS, CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS, MEETING MINUTES, SPECIFIC GROWTH NEEDS OF COLLEGE AND THEIR COSTS AND BENEFITS, PROPOSED BUDGET 1983-84, SCHOLARSHIP REPORT AND COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES, FINANCIAL REPORT AND COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES, OFFICE OF INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, ALUMNI AFFAIRS AND ATHLETICS REPORT --1983 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES: budget cuts, enrollment increase, “Balancing Geographic Access with Georgia’s Needs” report, administrative reorganization scholarship report, Nominating Committee recommendations for appointment, overview of the history of the establishment of the Fund Drive Committee, Brunswick College’s possible transition to a four-year institution, proposed committee structure change for the Foundation – 1983 CALLED MEETING MINUTES: Budget Committee report, Scholarship Committee guidelines for awarding Foundation scholarships. – 1984 BREAKFAST MEETING MINUTES: Potential dormitory and sports complex construction, the role of the college trustee in the annual fund campaign, best methods for soliciting funds – OFFICE OF INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, ALUMNI AFFAIRS AND ATHLETICS: Studies included interviews with student drop-outs, student attitudes about a four-day class week during the summer, and faculty and staff attitudes about a four-day class week. In its second year of existence the Office of Development raised $243,474.01.The men’s basketball team was at the top of the standings of the Georgia Junior College Athletic Association.
College of Coastal Georgia