Annual Report, 1999

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , College of Coastal Georgia Foundation , Coastal Georgia Community College
Contents: Annual Meeting Agenda, Fact Sheet (History, Students, Faculty and Staff, Budget and Finances, 1998-99, Economic Impact on Area, 1994-95, Physical Plant, Library, Degree and Certificate programs available 1998-99), Scholarship Report, Financial Report, 1997-98, Highlights – April 12, 1999 Minutes: Introduction of New Foundation Members, Compton Event Update, Nominations for Next Year’s Officers and New Board Members, Investment Report, Annual Fund Report, College Comments (Dr. Lord), Announcements and Closing Comments. -- December 14, 1998 Minutes: New members, annual fund update, finances update, update from Dr. Lord -- September 21, 1998 minutes: Approval of new member, “A Day for Coastal Georgia Community College” update, Compton Series update, semester conversion results, Academic Building renovation update, Celebration of the Miller Era event, visit from Chancellor Portch, Camden Center permanent facility project. -- JUNE 3, 1998: Annual Fund Drive update, “A Day” update, Bush Event results, Annual Financial/Investment Report, By-Laws amendments, Compton Lecture update, Nominating Committee report, Scholarship committee, Camden Project fundraising, Update from Dr. Lord -- HIGHLIGHTS: The permanent Camden Residence Center facility is in the architectural planning stages. SEASWELLS has been awarded First Place with Special Merit by the American Scholastic Press Association for the past three years. Coastal Georgia Community College received four grants through the University System Teaching and Learning Program. President Dorothy L. Lord was awarded the Glenn Bryant Award for leadership in Economic Development by the Coastal Region of Georgia and the Coastal Area District Development Authority in 1997. Six faculty members have traveled abroad as part of the University System emphasis on international experience for faculty and students. With the completion of the Academic Building Renovation Project, Coastal Georgia Community College opened its model classroom, a state-of-the-art language lab facility.
College of Coastal Georgia