Brunswick Junior College : annual report, 1978-79

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick Junior College
Teel, John W.
INTRODUCTION -- FACULTY DEVELOPMENT AND ACTIVITY -- LIBRARY -- COMMUNITY SERVICE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION -- STUDENT SERVICES AND ACTIVITIES -- PHYSICAL FACILITIES -- ACCREDITATION STATUS -- CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT -- BRUNSWICK COLLEGE FOUNDATION -- SPECIAL PROBLEMS AND NEEDS -- APPENDIX, Institutional Statistics -- [FINANCIAL REPORT] -- Stable or slightly declining enrollment due to number of high school graduates declining. Increasing number of older students who are returning to college. May be an increase in the industrial and military installations which will stimulate population growth. Additional enrollment of students in the evening courses offered through the Division of Vocational/Technical Education. There was also an increase in workshops, conferences and lecture series offered through the newly established James D. Compton Chair for the Study of Private Enterprise. -- The percent of the faculty members who hold the doctorate has increased substantially. Currently, 32.65% of the teaching faculty hold the terminal degree in their respective teaching fields. -- The library budget for materials (books, periodicals, binding, and microforms) has remained constant at about $39,000 a year. But the cost of library materials has constantly increased. -- The Director of Continuing Education and Community Service, Mr. John H. Carmichael, retired from his position after thirteen years of distinguished service to the institution. -- Effort is being made to meet the educational needs of the military personnel stationed at the King's Bay installation. -- In the office of Student Affairs, the counseling center continues to provide counseling services for a diversity of student needs. Several hundred students are counseled each quarter with financial aid being the most frequently sought services. -- Student participation was also influential in helping to formulate plans for functional yet aesthetic campus projects, and for screening applications for Dean of Academic Affairs. -- Sapelo Research Foundation, Inc. helping make possible construction of a fine arts/civic center building. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), Commission on Colleges mandated a second Institutional Self-Study, which will begin fall quarter 1979. 18 month process. -- faculty and staff personnel salaries and fringe benefits 15% below national average -- Academic performance of students is a primary concern of the institution. Entrance test scores (SAT and BSE and local placement tests) indicate that many entering freshmen are ill-prepared to pursue the rigorous courses in the Core Curriculum.
College of Coastal Georgia