Brunswick College : annual report, 1992-1993

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Annual Report
College of Coastal Georgia , Brunswick College
Lord, Dorothy L.
I. The State of the Institution -- Hightlights of the Year's Work -- Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity -- Institutional Strategic Planning -- Assessment of institutional Effectiveness. -- II. Student Data -- Library Data -- Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity -- Financial Data -- Brunswick Center -- Continuing Education -- Institutional Strategeic Planning -- [FINANCIAL STATEMENT] -- The overall health of Brunswick College is outstanding. The restrictiveness of the fiscal crisis in 1991-92 has been followed by continued positive enrollment growth throughout the 1992-93 academic year which has helped to relieve some of the fiscal stress. Although State revenues did not increase at the same rate as enrollment growth, the availability of local revenue has assisted in dealing with the impact of the growth. The climate of openness which the president has encouraged has led to a positive tone on the campus. -- strong progress which has been made during the 1992-93 academic year in the area of Student Development Services -- approval of full Residence Center for Camden County followed by the opening of the Camden Center -- re-established mission as two-year college, not a four year college -- A keen concern about minority access to education beyond the high school prompted the president to convene a group of minority adults concerned about the future of minority youth -- administrative reorganization process
College of Coastal Georgia