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    • Archaeological Investigations at the Cook-Thompson Site 

      Cook, Fred C. (South Georgia Archaeological Research Team, 2016-02-03)
      In 1975, prehistoric ceramics dating to the Late Archaic, Woodland and Mississippian Periods were found in a garden at 807 Albany Street in urban Brunswick, Georgia. The city of Brunswick lies on the southern end of an old ...
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in Brantley, Glynn and McIntosh Counties: Analyzing the 2007 Recession using Aggregate-level Data 

      Rhodes, M. Taylor (2015-10-14)
      Using publicly available aggregate-level data from 1997 to 2010, this report examines SNAP expenditures and participation rates for the US, the state of Georgia and the three counties within the Brunswick, Georgia Metropolitan ...
    • Urban and rural militia organizations in Syria's less governed spaces 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (The Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, 2015-09-21)
      This paper contends decline of Bashar al-Assad’s governing authority and the concomitant accretion of increasingly complex militia organizations suggests a future of petty militia fiefdoms affecting an Islamic veneer ruling ...
    • Seawells 2013, Volume 47 

      Frazier, Jessica; Coen, Tyler; College of Coastal Georgia; College of Coastal Georgia, Division of Student Affairs; Ridings, Brianna (College of Coastal Georgia, 2013)
      STAFF: Jessica Frazier (Editor-in-Chief), Tyler Coen (First Copy Program Coordinator, Brianna Ridings (Cover Photographer), Sharon L. Bartkovich (Faculty Adviser) -- CONTENTS: Poetry, Photography, Prose, Art
    • Hizbollah organization 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (Taylor and Francis Online, 2008-01-09)
      There is a dearth of information in the open literature with a direct focus on the Hizbollah organization. Symptomatic of the shortcomings of the existing literature is the tendency to analyze Islamist movements in general ...
    • Assad's legions: The Syrian intelligence services 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (Taylor & Francis, 1990)
    • Student Handbook, 2012-2013 

      College of Coastal Georgia (2014-10-10)
      Student Affairs -- Student Right to Know -- Student & Student Organization Responsibilities and Rights -- Student Code of Conduct -- Academic Information and Policies -- Institutional Standards/Administrative Policies -- ...
    • Student Organization Handbook [rev. 07/2014] 

      Unknown author (2014-10-10)
      Rights of Student Organizations -- Discrimination/Harassment -- Hazing -- Advisors -- Student Organization GPA Requirement -- Community Service -- Amendment(s) to Constitution -- Facilities and Events -- Student Organization ...
    • Student Handbook, 2014-2015 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2014-10-10)
      Student Affairs -- Student Right to Know --Student & Student Organization Responsibilities and Rights -- Student Code of Conduct -- Academic Information and Policies -- Institutional Standards/Administrative Policies -- ...
    • Hizbollah-Syrian Intelligence Affairs: A Marriage of Convenience 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (2011)
      Since the 1980s, Hizbollah has emerged as the guardian of Lebanon's Shi'a and a stalking horse for Iran. Syria, though allied with Tehran, seeks to manage Hizbollah's freedom of action in Lebanon and is eyed cautiously in ...
    • Hizballah in Africa 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (Institut für Strategie- Politik- Sicherheits- und Wirtschaftsberatung (ISPSW), Berlin, Germany, 2012-08)
      There is a gap in the existing literature on Hizballah which has rarely been examined: Hizballah and Iran’s recent roles in Africa. The African continent, particularly countries below the Sahara, is characterized by a large ...
    • The Hizballah-North Korean Nexus 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (Small Wars Foundation, 2011-01-23)
      A significant relationship between Hizballah and North Korea, facilitated by Iran, has developed over the last two decades. This relationship has changed the configuration of Hizballah and shaped it into a more formidable ...
    • The Abu Nidal organization 

      Wege, Carl Anthony (1991-01-01)
      Abstract In recent years, the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) has been politically marginalized. The current Gulf crisis may serve to reinvigorate the ANO as a significant actor in the Middle East. As an organization with its ...
    • Welcome Dr. Greg Aloia, 5th President of the College of Coastal Georgia 

      Aloia, Greg (College of Coastal Georgia, 2013-07-02)
    • The Two Mildreds 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2011-11-04)
    • Dr. Uri Theisman 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2013-01-09)
    • Coastal Conversations with Special Guest: Reg Murphy 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2012-12-05)
    • Founders Gate and the Regent James A. Bishop Arch Groundbreaking 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2012-12-14)
    • Ossia Chamber Players 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2012-12-07)
    • Dedication of The Correll Center for Teacher Education and Learning 

      Unknown author (College of Coastal Georgia, 2013-01-25)